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How do I order a session?

Click on “Book Now” on any page and you’ll be directed to a booking page that will be prompted to a number of questions.  You can also email us at and we can book the session for you!  You will also receive an email confirmation with a link to a brief Waiver / Intake Form for first time clients.   You can also find our waiver here: Provita Waiver/Intake Form.  Please make sure to note the exact address and location where the session will take place.

What is the soonest I can order a Provita session?

We want to give our teachers enough time to prepare and travel to your session on time. So we ask for a small window when booking. You can book up to two hours prior to your desired session start time and we will be there ready for you!

What cities or areas are you available in?

Provita is currently available in certain metropolitan areas:

New York City (Manhattan/Brooklyn/Queens)

Los Angeles (Westside/Hollywood/Downtown)

For those located in LA, Provita offers yoga sessions only. Please select yoga services identified with Provita LA.  
For special requests for areas outside of the above, please email us. We will always try to accommodate you. 

Can I have more than one person at a session?

Of course, you can bring as many people you as like, each additional person will be $25.

Can we have a Provita teacher teach a group session or at a party?

Absolutely. The more the merrier.  Please email us at and provide us with as much information about your group or party (date/time, occasion, # of guests, vision).

What do I need to provide for a session? Do I need a mat?

Wear comfortable clothing and Provita will provide up to 2 mats for your session. Additional mats may be rented for an additional charge. Please make a note on your waiver if you need do need mats or other yoga props.

What if I don’t know what kind of session is right for me?

You can sign up for a personalized session and our Pro will customize a specific session just for you to suit your health, fitness and wellness goals.

Got further questions?

You can also always reach out to us at or call 1-855-PRO-2YOU (1-855-776-2968).

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