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Kaitlyn Kenna is our Provita intern that also works so super hard as a NASM Certified Fitness Trainer and a full time student at St. Francis College for Health Promotions. She’s also a fierce competitor in the bikini body building competitions and embraces fitness through her entire life. She takes us through one of her outdoor workouts. Try it! 

Finally the time has come for the cold days to subside and the sun to shine. You know what that means? This is the perfect opportunity to get out of a stuffy, crowded gym and take your workouts outside. I know it might be tough at first to figure out how to change up your fitness routine completely, but never fear! We are here to help!

Many think that the only option for working out outdoors is running, swimming or cycling. Wrong! You can get always get in a nice strength workout by using a park bench and your own body. You can even make it more or less intense with modifications. The sky’s the limit.

Here are 5 amazing exercises you can do outdoors!

#1 TRICEP DIPS (3 sets of 10-15 reps)

Place your hands on the edge on the bench, extend your legs straight out and let your heels rest on the ground. Keep your elbows tight to your side and lower your body. You can modify by bending your legs so your whole foot is on the ground or make it more intense by lifting one leg in the air.


#2 STEP UPS OR BENCH JUMPS (3 sets of 10-15 steps or jumps)

Get into an athletic stance, squat slightly in order to use power to jump up onto the bench, jump back down and repeat 10-15 times. Your quads will be on fire after this one. To make this easier on the knees you can simply step up and down instead of jumping for the same effect.


#3 PUSH UPS (2-3 sets of 10-15 reps)

There are many different ways to do this exercise. I’m sure we all know what a push up is but have you ever tried an incline or decline push up? Place your hands on the bench while performing the pushup to make it incline, and put your feet on the bench to perform a decline variation. Try out both! Each variation targets multiple muscle groups and really makes that core work to keep balance.



This one will get your heart rate flying! Simply alternate tapping your toes onto the bench but go as fast as you can while moving your arms as if you are sprinting down a track. If you need to slow things down, go for it! Doing a small hop to alternate can be just as effective.



Of course we had to include some squats. They are one of the most beneficial exercises in the book. For this move, face your body away from the bench and squat down until your butt taps the bench only slightly and explode back up. You can slow it down or speed it up, whatever suits you. You can also fully sit on the bench and stand back up if you would prefer more control to the movement.


Now that you have a routine, there are no excuses! Fitness can be done anywhere with minimal equipment. Change up your workout and try this one out. I can guarantee you will love it. Plus you get to enjoy the beauty of nature while getting on a good sweat. The fresh air will do the body wonders. Take advantage of the spring and get into shape for the summer having the most fun possible. Now let’s get outside! 

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