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This is the time of year where we overload ourselves with an abundance of work, endless lists of shopping, overflow of invitations, and it goes on and on. ‘Tis the season to be merry and joyous but we end up feeling depleted and frustrated. Because this season requires so much more energy, it’s crucial to give yourself some love while you’re giving so much to others.

So we asked a few of our amazing Provita Pros to share their tips on how they de-stress and find peace during the busy holiday season.

Ikaika Regidor, Provita Yoga Pro NY

“Self care is contextual but during the stressful holiday time, try to do one thing for yourself a day. Kindness to ourselves can look like a devotional practice as well as look like our favorite treat. Maybe it’s not the healthiest choice, but with the hustle and bustle of the holidays, sometimes it’s just good to curl up under a warm blanket with an unhealthy (but oh so worth it) scoop of ice cream.”

Candice Hammack, Provita Yoga Pro NY

 “I wake up earlier during the winter months. It’s the last thing I want to do but it helps my overall mental, emotional, and physical wellness when we have such limited sunlight during the day. Having an earlier start makes my days more productive. And if not as productive as hoped for, I remember to try my best and forget the rest. Having this mental attitude helps with stress. If I don’t get to everything, it’s okay. I try to jump into a yoga class, if it doesn’t happen–that’s okay. Being compassionate with myself and the holiday chaos truly is KEY for me. “

Hillary Wright, Provita Yoga Pro NY

“I de-stress during the holidays by taking time to sweat. Whether it’s getting to a yoga class, getting outside for a quick run or just doing a few sun salutations when I wake up, I make sure to sweat at least once a day over the holidays. This keeps my body feeling good, my mind clear, and my breath deep so I can focus on what’s really important during this season, enjoying time with my family and friends.”

Shannon Paula, Provita Fitness & Pilates Pro NY

“Every night before going to sleep, I go into a downward facing dog with focus on sending my tail up towards the sky and deep focus on breathing into my diaphragm. I start off with a simple goal of 6 deep breaths and then slowly progress to 9, 12 and 15 breaths. I make sure to hang my head heavy to release my neck and widen my collar bone to help increase the deepness of breath.”

Ivorie Jenkins, Provita Yoga Pro LA

“This is my recipe for de-stress. This batch of wellness does not have to be made in 1 day! Let the ingredients simmer as long as stress abides. Adjust all measurements to taste and Enjoy!

– Dash of Morning Meditation (5-15 minute sit during the AM quiet)
– 1 TBSP Good Company (Lunch, dinner or a huge glass of wine with those that make you smile)
– 1 Cup Restorative Yoga (End the day at home with bolsters and blocks or at your local Yoga studio)
– 1 TBSP Sound Meditation (Choose your favorite soothing sound (singing bowls, rainfall, ocean), lay down and rest.

There are so many ways to find even the smallest bit of peace and calm. No matter how busy you are, take those small efforts to check in, tune everything out, re-connect with yourself, and breathe. It will help you tackle the holiday hustle so you can enjoy the season even more. Happy Holidays!

About Julia Chan

Julia is the Managing Partner for Provita. She is also a Certified Personal Trainer through NASM and a Registered Yoga Teacher. Julia brings a unique style of training to Provita sessions. Combining her years of experience in business management and fitness, she harnesses a sincere love and passion for teaching and educating clients on how to live a healthy and fit life. Her goal is to share her love for fitness and provide the best possible Provita experience to all.

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