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Provita’s first couple, Kris and Danielle recently went to India. The trip was a belated honeymoon for us and though it’s already been two and a half years since we got married, the trip could not have been more perfectly timed.  2015 was a year of big changes (and with big changes come big challenges). A significant get-away was just what we needed to hit the reset button mentally, emotionally and spiritually. And just as Mother India is known to do, she delivered some serious nurturing, healing and plenty of sweet and profound lessons.


Ever the adventurers and spiritual seekers, we managed to squeeze in all we aspired to do in the three short weeks that we were there. To nourish our bodies, we ate delicious clean food, did a course of Ayurvedic treatments, surfed, swam, paddle boarded, trained Kalari (Indian Martial Arts), hiked and of course practiced yoga. To nourish our minds we meditated daily, went to Vedanta philosophy classes, went to museums, saw Indian dance performances and took time to read. To nourish our souls we basked in the sun and warm ocean water, went to temples, prayed…a lot, took part in pujas (Hindu prayer rituals), made a spiritual pilgrimage, took music lessons, sang, chanted mantras, stayed at an ashram, laughed a lot and really enjoyed one another’s company.


We are now back in the States and feeling completely rejuvenated, restored and ready to take care of the Provita family with renewed passion and love!
A big take away from the trip (amongst the many), it’s important take time away from your daily routine to actually have quality time with your partner. It doesn’t have to be to the other side of the world, but when you enter new surroundings (it could even be a new restaurant), it gives you an opportunity to have an elevated sense of presence, a heightened sense of awareness. And it’s good to detox– from social media, our inboxes and even from our work so that we can come back to it and more importantly the people in our lives (partners and beyond) more present and inspired. So this February, take a break! Get out there and do something different. Go somewhere different. Explore your world to explore yourself.


*Scroll through the pictures to get a little glimpse into our trip. Enjoy!

About Danielle Karuna

As a former certified fitness trainer, Danielle has always been interested in movement and the human body’s capabilities. Danielle is an 800+ hour certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher & a Lululemon Ambassador with a goal to share the gift of yoga and wellness with as many people as possible. Provita is the embodiment of this belief in the transformational and healing power of yoga, fitness and wellness.

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