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Spring is well under way and we are so ramped up about Spring cleaning, getting outside for our workouts, longer and brighter days, and warmer weather. This month, we are highlighting two super talented Provita Pros. Not only have they been teaching collectively for over 20+ years but they are multi certified in their fields and industry. Please meet Daniella Erica, Massage Therapist and Yoga Pro LA and Shannon Paula, Fitness and Pilates Pro. Let’s see what juicy info they have for us this April.



Daniella has been studying and practicing yoga since her teens and has found it to be a powerful tool for embodiment, transformation, and liberation. With over 800 hours of yoga teachings, yoga studies at Loyola Marymount, her training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and over 750 hours at Spa Luna Holistic Massage School, she is one of our amazing multi-faceted teachers that bring her expertise and love in every session.

Question #1 We all have days when we just don’t want to work out. How do you motivate yourself to move and work out?
I call up a friend to join me for a long walk, hike, or high intensity workout class. I’m always more motivated when a friend joins me for a workout.


Question #2  What does “Spring Cleaning” look like in your world?
Cleaning out my closet…and then having a clothing swap with girl friends. Out with the old in with the new!


Question #3 What is your favorite go-to snack after your workout or yoga class?
Peanut Butter & Banana. Quick, yummy, full of protein & energy.


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Shannon started practicing Pilates as a means to rehabilitate serious spinal, neck and muscle injuries. After experiencing the positive effects in her muscular skeletal alignment, she became greatly inspired to learn the methods and modalities in order to help and heal others. Shannon has worked for over a decade in New York City as a trainer and Pilates teacher with a passion for mind body focused training and helping others achieve their fitness and wellness goals.


Question #1 We all have days when we just don’t want to work out. How do you motivate yourself to move and work out?
I mentally dissect my entire trip to and focus only on showing up to wherever my work out will be, freeing myself of the thoughts such as which exercises, cardio, intensity, weights, springs, reps, sets, etc.  I set my intention to arrive with the most crucial gear: a smile and six long, deep breaths. Typically, I’ll begin slowly, thinking about the length of time that I’m realistically feeling up to do. Being kind to ourselves and listening to our current physical state is just as important as establishing a challenging session therefore, I’ll remind myself that I’m still lovable if I workout for 45 or even 30 minutes. Once I set the length of my session, I begin moving and maintain that smile. More often than not, I will complete a 60 -90 minute workout even if my goal was merely 45. I wholeheartedly believe that it’s the smiling and the breath work which takes me through it.


Question #2  What does “Spring Cleaning” look like in your world?
A 21 or 28 day cleanse/detox program with mindfully planned out nutrition, lots of “omitting”, gentle movement, serious physical expansion particularly though Pilates and Gyrotonic type of movements.  April is my Birth Month so I often plan my detox programs around this time. Trying something new like aerial yoga, trampoline classes, rock climbing, and focused physical cleaning/clearing of my home: toiletry closet, bedroom closet, kitchen cabinets, jewelry boxes, simply re-organizing and CLEARING. As I create space for new possibilities, I pack bags for Goodwill and wish my belongings into the hands of others who will truly benefit from them.


Question #3 What is your favorite go-to snack after your workout or yoga class?
While there is nothing like a Larabar, I do my best to get those amino acids in my body at this time. I’ll often pack a glass bottle of alkaline water with a smidgen of juice, freshly squeezed lemon and chia seeds, I find that it’s refreshing and does the trick.


Wow chock full of info. Thanks Daniella and Shannon! Now we’re ready for Spring!


Get to know the Provita Family by checking in monthly for the Provita Pros of the Month. You can view more information on Daniella and Shannon here or please email us with any questions.  You can also book a session with our Provita Pros here for a personalized one-on-one session!

About Julia Chan

Julia is the Managing Partner for Provita. She is also a Certified Personal Trainer through NASM and a Registered Yoga Teacher. Julia brings a unique style of training to Provita sessions. Combining her years of experience in business management and fitness, she harnesses a sincere love and passion for teaching and educating clients on how to live a healthy and fit life. Her goal is to share her love for fitness and provide the best possible Provita experience to all.

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