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Hope everyone is having an amazing summer so far! We know how busy it can be during this season so we hope you’re staying healthy and fit and maintaining your workouts. If not, our Pros are here to help. Check out our summer tips and inspiration from our Pros for July. Meet Cristy Candler, Yoga Pro LA and Ikaika Regidor, Yoga Pro NY.




Cristy Candler is a certified yoga teacher through Jivamukti + Laughing Lotus Yoga as well as a meditation teacher. She teaches both yoga and meditation with precision, essential oil healing, intuitive flow and respect for her environment; creating sacred space and the opportunity for deeper awareness of mind~body integration.

QUESTION #1 Who has been your biggest inspiration in your career?
As corny as it sounds, my mom has been the biggest inspiration in my life and path…She taught me the ways of the Mother Nature as a little girl (we’d put our moon water out for the full moon long before it was trending ;), how to follow my dreams as an artist and performer and to always believe in myself even when it was rough going.  She has given me the best 2am pep talks, post show cheers, and deepest embraces despite the ebb and flow of “success”. I am forever grateful for her supporting me on my path!

QUESTION #2 We are all creatures of habit. What is one thing you MUST do daily?
The one thing I do daily without fail is MEDITATE! Even if it’s for five minutes, I sit and go with IN and be still. I can’t get on with my day in alignment unless I am centered in this way.  Luckily, even when my ego wants to hightail it straight to coffee, I have this amazing meditation call I am on: @theinfinitycall on periscope. Kelly Morris is a resplendent and master guide. Highly recommended!

QUESTION #3 What’s your advice for someone who has never done yoga? Where do you recommend they start?
Suggestions for someone who has never done yoga would be to just START MOVING! Stretch in the morning, shrug your shoulders, reach and move and bend and extend and breathe! You’re doing yoga! I was the yogi (for the dvds/books) for Yoga in Bed and the moves are refreshingly straightforward and easy to do. I also remember my teacher Dana Flynn exclaiming in classes, “Move like yourself!” This is excellent advice. As long as we are moving and breathing, we are doing yoga. Another idea? A private one on one yoga session from one of the superb teachers from PROVITA :), where you can approach yoga at your own pace, discover your body and mind in new ways, and have fun. See you on the mat!




Growing up as a student and teacher of judo, Ikaika has long been a studying the practices of connecting the mind and body. He discovered yoga upon arriving in New York City and incorporated the breath to guide his connection of the mind, the body and the spirit. His philosophy in yoga continues to be “all bodies, all abilities,” and he uses this philosophy as a foundation to empower his students to celebrate in their individual beauty and worthiness.

QUESTION #1 Who has been your biggest inspiration in your career?
In my first career as a preschool teacher, I had a colleague who has really impacted me (and she continues to impact me today). She was unapologetically authentic, a sea of love, a mama bear for young children, and a presence when she walked into the room (even 1 year olds would stop and look at her upon entering a classroom). She and I have hours of conversations, many laughs, a few heartbreaks, and a lot of holding space. She’s been a shoulder to cry on, a cheerleader in my corner, and a “tough love” friend when I’ve needed it. One lesson that has stuck with me over the years deals with transition. To give a backdrop, I was leaving my preschool teaching job to begin anew in the field of social work. I was a sea of emotion — anger, sadness, frustration, loneliness, joy, etc. I sought her council on how she got through transitions like this. Her response was, “leave with love in your heart. Where there is love, there can be no fear; where there is fear, there can be no love.” Each time I’ve had to deal with change and transformation, I remember this. Do it with love; meet it with love.

QUESTION #2 We are all creatures of habit. What is one thing you MUST do daily?
You mean aside from press the “snooze” button once? =) Each day I have a gratitude practice. Some days this is rolled in with a meditation practice, other days it’s an asana practice and some days it’s lighting an incense and taking a moment.

QUESTION #3 What’s your advice for someone who has never done yoga? Where do you recommend they start?
I’d advise one to not be too hard on themselves. No matter what level of current activity, chances are your body hasn’t moved in this way or worked the muscles you’re engaging in a physical yoga practice. That’s ok. Take breaks when you need it (child’s pose is great for this), know your limitations (especially in your first few classes), and be kind to your body. If you’re going to a group class, find out where the back of the room is and set up a mat there (and in the middle, not toward the sides of the room). This will help you see others in front of you and to the side as models of what’s going on. It seems like a small thing, but it helps. In terms of what sort of class I’d recommend, I think this is dependent on where the person is at and what their body is asking for.
For example:
Active, and needing an active practice — Flow 1
Active and needing a calming practice — Stretch & Relax
Not Active and needing an active practice — Flow 1
Not Active and needing a calming practice — Stretch & Relax and/or Yin
First class and body sensitivity (back, knees, neck issues) — Yin

There’s also a private practice. Here’s where one could get personalized attention and can ask as many questions as they want; regular private classes is also a way to really grow in your own practice.


So inspirational, Cristy and Ikaika. Thank you so much for sharing with us!
Get to know the Provita Family by checking in monthly for the Provita Pros of the Month. You can view more information on Cristy and Ikaika here or please email us with any questions.  You can also book a session with our Provita Pros here for a personalized one-on-one session! 


About Julia Chan

Julia is the Managing Partner for Provita. She is also a Certified Personal Trainer through NASM and a Registered Yoga Teacher. Julia brings a unique style of training to Provita sessions. Combining her years of experience in business management and fitness, she harnesses a sincere love and passion for teaching and educating clients on how to live a healthy and fit life. Her goal is to share her love for fitness and provide the best possible Provita experience to all.

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