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Barbecues, beach time, and plain ‘ol summer fun is what we’ve got in store for June. While we are all hitting up the beach and soaking in the sun, our Provita Pros are hard at work keeping NYC and LA in tip top shape. We’re excited to introduce you to two of our Pros who shares some inspiration with us for June. Meet Yoga Pros, Maire-Rose Pike from LA and Lindsay Buehler from NYC.



Maire-Rose started her yoga studies in NYC and now resides in LA continuing to spread her love for yoga. Her goal as a teacher is to inform and empower her students so they may continue a healthy and life-long practice.

QUESTION #1 Summer is a time for lots of traveling which can throw people off their usual workout routine. What’s your advice on staying fit and keeping up with workouts when on the road?
Try setting aside some time for yourself every day, even if it’s only half an hour. When I’m traveling I make note of the fitness center and pool hours in any hotels and write in times on my calendar to hit them up (before the day’s activities or before a night out). This little “me-time” ritual of self care can be challenging, especially if you are traveling with family or friends, or when you are jet-lagged. But even if you only have it in you to do a few key exercises, it will help keep you sane, energized, and available for days when you have the time and energy for a full practice. Be kind to yourself if you miss a day–just start again the next day. Also, summer is a great time for group hikes, swims, and outdoor activities. Sometimes the best workout is the one you don’t even realize is exercise – a game of beach volleyball, a scenic hike, or a long walk through town could be just the thing. 

QUESTION #2 How and when did your passion for health, fitness, and wellness begin?
I grew up dancing and doing gymnastics, but I didn’t realize the importance of exercise and nutrition for stress management until I suffered from panic attacks my freshman year in college. With regular exercise, yoga, and monitoring my physical and emotional response to certain foods, I was shocked at how well I was able to manage my anxiety. Again when I moved to NYC in 2005, the role of physical wellness and yoga in my life were key to handling the intensity of city life. It seems that each time I go through a major transition I am reminded how thankful I am to understand the link between physical and mental health. This is the real backbone of why I teach yoga– I want to live in a world where everyone has the tools to manage their stress, feel well, and live mindfully. 

QUESTION #3 What’s your fave summer healthy dish that you love to make for bbq and cookouts?
Let me tell you a secret: I’m not that into cooking. I’m the most likely candidate to bring a salad, a fruit bowl, or a homemade sliced veggie platter. LOL! 😉 



L Buehler

With over 1000 hours of yoga training, Lindsay’s goal is to encourage students to cultivate joy, grace, mindfulness and spaciousness and to empower them to extend the teachings of yoga to all areas of their lives. Her sessions are designed to fulfill her students’ needs and goals and allow them to find their own practice with her instruction incorporating creative sequencing, meditation and devotion.

QUESTION #1 Summer is a time for lots of traveling which can throw people off their usual workout routine. What’s your advice on staying fit and keeping up with workouts when on the road?
This is something that I struggle with every summer! The nice weather and the prospect of hanging out in a park or swinging by an outdoor happy hour sometimes gets in the way of an evening class, lazy summer mornings can throw the most devoted practitioner off her game, and it can be hard to find a workout spot that feels right (or the drive to work out!!) while on vacation. With all of that said, my advice is this: first, accept the fact that your summer workout routine may not actually be routine. Don’t beat yourself up about getting off track or taking a break, and try to plan for change – it may be harder to have a set workout schedule in the summer, so look for little workout windows in your schedule. Which brings me to my second suggestion: any amount. I often get in to all or nothing thinking–‘If I can’t do a full yoga practice with 10 sun salutations, a 5 minute head stand, a 10 minute shavasana and a meditation in which I hear angels singing, what’s the point?’ Instead, give yourself permission to practice one sun salutation or 3 minutes of legs up the wall or to take a walk on the beach or a run around the block. A little intentional movement can be game changing. 

QUESTION #2 How and when did your passion for health, fitness, and wellness begin?
As a high school student in Pittsburgh, I joined my school’s rowing team. Rowing was the first physical practice where I felt a profound connection between movement and breath in a sport that requires you to be moving in concert with your teammates and which therefore requires you to be in the present moment: if you zone out, you could end up in the water. Around this time, I also began doing Rodney Yee’s yoga DVDs, and noticed that the yoga practice asks you to make similar connections between your breath and movement while encouraging you to be in the present moment. As a 16 year old, making these connections and getting to step out of my mind which was overwhelmed with self doubt, homework assignments, impending SATs, etc. and into the present moment even if just for the duration of a crew practice or a yoga DVD was invaluable. I stopped rowing after my first year of college, but the yoga practice has stuck and has become a daily practice that connects me to my physical body, my breath and which reminds me to step out of my head and into the present moment. 

QUESTION #3 What’s your fave summer healthy dish that you love to make for bbq and cookouts?
This is not revolutionary, but guacamole! If I’m being totally honest, my husband is generally in charge of guac, but here’s how we do it: mash avocados; add lime juice, chopped cilantro and onion; season with salt and pepper; and–here’s the key–when you think it’s ready to go, add a little bit of water and stir to make it creamy and perfect. 

Amazing tips and inspiration, ladies! Thank you so much for sharing with us!
Get to know the Provita Family by checking in monthly for the Provita Pros of the Month. You can view more information on Maire-Rose and Lindsay here or please email us with any questions.  You can also book a session with our Provita Pros here for a personalized one-on-one session!

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About Julia Chan

Julia is the Managing Partner for Provita. She is also a Certified Personal Trainer through NASM and a Registered Yoga Teacher. Julia brings a unique style of training to Provita sessions. Combining her years of experience in business management and fitness, she harnesses a sincere love and passion for teaching and educating clients on how to live a healthy and fit life. Her goal is to share her love for fitness and provide the best possible Provita experience to all.

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