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We (heart!) May! We get to celebrate mothers, warmer weather, summer on the horizon and these 2 amazing Provita Pros! This month, we’re featuring Yoga Pro LA, Julien Elizabeth and Fitness Pro NY, Neno Bland. Let’s check out their tips for May!


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Meet Julien Elizabeth! An amazing yoga teacher with advanced training in power yoga sequencing and anusara theming, Julien also studied at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and is a Certified Health Coach. As a holistic wellness + lifestyle coach, yoga teacher, writer, and whole foods cook, Julien’s passion for yoga and food has been an avenue for her own path of healing and she is honored to share her gifts with others. You can check out her recipes on her blog here.

Question #1 What’s your favorite success/transformation story from a client who’s worked with you?
A client I am working with had an injury to her thoracic spine, which left her paralyzed for a number of years. Over time, she has regained sensation in her lower body and last year decided to add private yoga to her healing plan. She is on an incredible journey and I am really honored to be working with her privately. When we first began working together, she had frequent stomach spasms, challenged breathing and limited strength and control of her legs. We are working together to develop overall strength and specifically to strengthen her hamstrings, open her chest and improve her shoulder retraction. At first, our practice together was limited and mostly consisted of long stretches to open up the tight muscles in her legs. In the 5 months we’ve been working together, she has been able to reduce her stomach spasms almost completely using yogic breathing and is gaining strength in her legs and spine daily. She can walk without the aid of her walker and in our practice, we are able to move through a really well rounded practice that includes spine strengthening movements like cat/cow, locust pose and bridge pose. Recently, we started working on tadasana, a foundational standing pose. I wouldn’t have imagined we’d be practicing standing poses so quickly – her progress has been so rapid! This woman is fierce and committed to being healed from this injury. It’s really inspiring to see how much intention, commitment and positive energy contribute to healing.

Question #2 When in times of stress, what’s your favorite way to relax and wind down?
As a teacher, wellness coach and business owner, I have learned that it is essential to have many tools for releasing stress. I have found that a morning routine helps set me up for a low-stress day. I start the day with oil pulling, 15 minutes of meditation and a glass of lemon water. This routine helps me feel more empowered throughout the day so that I can respond to life as it unfolds, rather then react to it. I find cooking to be incredibly relaxing and love to put on music, light candles and make a healthy meal for myself. Music in general is so therapeutic for me – I am always browsing through Spotify to discover new sounds and revisit my favorite classics.

When it’s available, I love a good Yin Yoga class. The Yoga Nest, my studio in Venice has fantastic yin classes. I always leave feeling refreshed and rested and am able to let things go so much easier. At night I try to find time to relax in a few yin postures at home. I especially love supported backbends to release my shoulders and open up my chest. When I’m not working with clients, I spend a lot of time at the computer or driving. A gentle backbend like this helps me to undo the effects of sitting all day and feels fantastic.

Question #3 What are your top 3 go-to restaurants for delicious and healthy food? 
I spend a lot of time in my own kitchen creating delicious and healthy meals but I love getting out of the house and exploring the delicious restaurants around Los Angeles. We are so fortunate to have a ton of healthy, nutritious options around the city, which makes it hard to narrow my favorites down.

I love the turmeric latte and macro bowl from Cafe Gratitude, which has a huge menu of delicious vegan food.  I am a huge fan of fresh fish, sashimi and oysters, so a good fish market is always a go-to choice for me. Tangaroa in Culver City is my favorite restaurant for fresh, quality oysters and their salmon poke is amazing.

I am also a huge fan of green smoothies. Often, I make them myself because I find the ones at restaurants to have too much fruit for my tastes. My favorite smoothie place has to be The Source Cafe in Hermosa Beach because they do it right. Most of their smoothies have avocado, which is a staple ingredient in my own creations. Personally, I love the Super Power, which has greens, avocado, citrus and cayenne. Their whole menu is incredible with a lot of healing items like bone broth and green juice – it’s a great place for a mid-day refuel.

Not only is Neno extremely experienced in the field of training and corrective exercise but his energy and positive attitude is infectious. Always motivating and pushing his clients to do and be better, as a NASM certified personal trainer, this is never work for him but his life long passion and love.

Question #1 What’s your favorite success/transformation story from a client who’s worked with you?
One of my greatest achievements as a fitness coach is helping one of my clients, who plays basketball,  dunk after not being able to do so in over 2 years. He trained with me for 3 months and then began dunking again. Everyone was really shocked at this feat. I was able to prove to him that anything and everything is possible!

Question #2 When in times of stress, what’s your favorite way to relax and wind down?
I actually have several ways to wind down and relax. So here are a few of my fave. #1 Taking a nice hot shower and then sit in meditation #2 A much needed massage, which I recommend to all of my clients at least once a month. And last but definitely not least is sitting in a sauna/steam room. Ahhhh….

Question #3 What are your top 3 go-to restaurants for delicious and healthy food? 
I am obsessed with turkey burgers. So my 3 go-to restaurants reflect my turkey burger appetite. New York Burger Co, Burger Bistro, and La Gringa Taqueria.

Amazing inspiration, tips and restaurants. Thanks Julien and Neno for sharing your stories and tips with us! 

Get to know the Provita Family by checking in monthly for the Provita Pros of the Month. You can view more information on Julien and Neno here or please email us with any questions.  You can also book a session with our Provita Pros here for a personalized one-on-one session!

About Julia Chan

Julia is the Managing Partner for Provita. She is also a Certified Personal Trainer through NASM and a Registered Yoga Teacher. Julia brings a unique style of training to Provita sessions. Combining her years of experience in business management and fitness, she harnesses a sincere love and passion for teaching and educating clients on how to live a healthy and fit life. Her goal is to share her love for fitness and provide the best possible Provita experience to all.

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