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Wellness Wednesdays

Welcome Wellness into your Wednesday!

We would like to kick off our first Wellness Wednesday with some simple, yet vital tips from our Provita Yoga Pro- Candice. After completing a 200-hour teacher training at Dharma Yoga of Austin, Candice tackled their 100-hour intensive training, in addition to a 40-hour Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series training with David Swenson. This 300-hour registered yoga teacher has a teaching style all her own, that blends Ashtanga and Vinyasa with focus on the breath while having some fun with spontaneity to her practice. Feel her positivity and wisdom in her advice to be the best version of yourself.

Candice says, “Some of the best tips are really the simplest.

Hydration, Rest, and Gratefulness.
Drinking plenty of room temperature water a day definitely keeps my energy and alert levels high.
Resting is huge for my long days. Not only getting enough rest at night, but finding 5-15 mins in the mid-afternoon to lay on the floor, put my legs up the wall, and find stillness is very refreshing and energizing for me.
Gratefulness. Finding gratitude for at least 3 things before I get out of bed in the morning gives more heart and meaning to my day. At the end of the day, imagining that the day was the best day of my life, regardless of what happened or did not happen. Gratitude, contentment, and joyfulness are all apart of the same family : )

These simple tasks will make your Wednesday something to remember: Hydration, Rest, and Gratefulness.

Stay energized!

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