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Do you need to cleanse? This is probably the most common question I am asked in office. Should I cleanse? Just how toxic am I?  Everyone wants to put their toe in the water and try a “detox” of some sort but they aren’t sure where to begin. If you live a “normal” lifestyle, chances are you probably could benefit from a little toxic release. But how you choose to do this is very individualized.

People ask me, “What do you do to detoxify your system?” Part of my regular routine is to do detox foot soaks, take supplements, eat as cleanly as possible and do as much yoga as possible. I also detox regularly by drinking tons of filtered water and eating the foods that keep me feeling balanced.

Trying to live a “cleaner lifestyle” also means that if my schedule gets too crazy, I know I need to get to a yoga class or find time for a massage. I absolutely have to find a few hours that are not scheduled or I start to go crazy! That stress undoubtedly contributes to toxicity in the body. Because I am aware of role emotions play in keeping my body less toxic, I commit to working on my emotional well-being. I find that so much toxicity gets trapped in our emotional state and it ends up settling in our organs and tissues-definitely not where we want them. I also take flower essences, and  work with energy healers on a variety of modalities such as Reiki and Theta Healing.  

But even with all of that work, sometimes more is needed. Even though I have tried to remove as many chemicals in my life as possible, I am still exposed to them daily.  Pollution, hair dye, heavy metals, pesticides, plastics, sugar, and chemicals that we can’t even see have really become a part of everyday life.  In addition, life has been a bit of a rollercoaster and at times quite stressful. So sometimes the best option is to do a little extra and try a cleanse system that will keep you accountable with minimal effort.

I did two weeks of my new Mindful Health Cleanse program which is two shakes per day plus a real meal and 1 or 2 snacks. The shakes are truly delicious, however, the first few days I felt myself resisting drinking them! I think I just wanted to chew. So, I decided to have a salad with my shakes. Then I wanted something salty. So I decided to add some sea salt to my salad or veggies. Then I discovered Coconut Paleo Wraps and when you toast them and add sea salt to them they taste like chips. Problem solved.  I also noticed that if I had two shakes in a row I felt less satisfied, but when I separated them, and had one for breakfast, and one for dinner I did much better.


This cleanse is designed to heal and open up the chakras that need balancing.  Each chakra relates to a different organ system, and emotion that I find relates to everything I do with my clients-it affects our nutrition, physical health and well-being. Personally, I went into this cleanse needing to work on the solar plexus –the seat of personal power, and sacral chakra-the pleasure center in the body or areas of “should vs wants.”

The crazy thing is, after the fourth day, I started to notice that I was feeling the need to address an issue with a specific person in my life. This issue had been bothering me for a while, but it had been beneath the surface. But suddenly it felt urgent to express my feelings and take back my power. I had been feeling like a victim and it was time to change this, but in a balanced centered way.  Several days later I found myself really analyzing my schedule and asking myself where I could build in more fun. Looking back on all of this, I realized these are classic solar plexus/sacral chakra issues. I wasn’t focusing on a plan for the chakras but as I started to let go of the physical toxins, the emotional ones began to surface and resolve.

Now that I’ve completed my two week cleanse I have a better answer for my clients who ask if they need to detoxify. This cleanse is more than just about releasing toxic build up, it is a life cleanse. Yes it can help with energy, digestion, sugar cravings, sleep, mood and weight loss. But even more than that, it can help you to really take stock of your life and ask yourself where you need to make more lasting changes.

I adjusted my bedtime routine and now I am asleep by 11. I plug my phone in on the other side of the room and I turn it off. I am consciously practicing gratitude. I notice when it is a beautiful day. I look forward to something fun in my schedule.  I am more present for myself. Yoga has become a priority and I am learning to say no. But more than all of this, I am appreciating my body for all that it already does for me and giving back in gratitude.

Nicole Glassman is a holistic nutritionist, blogger, public speaker, founder of Mindful Health and creator of the Mindful Mosaic Program. She completed her Masters in Food Studies at New York University, Holistic Health Counseling Certificate at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and was one of the first practitioners to complete Dr. D’Adamo’s Blood Type Certification course. Her philosophy toward health stems from her own life changing struggles with stress and troubled digestion. She sees her client’s health struggles as unique to their bodies, with a mission to support wellness from within. We are honored to have Nicole and Mindful Health as a Wellness Partner.

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