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I have been a client of Provita’s for about 2 years now and I cannot say enough good things about the care and quality of service that I continually receive. They have gone above and beyond the call of duty to serve my every heath need and desire. As a member of their Concierge Program, I have seen Provita professionals in NYC, Miami, Colorado and the Hamptons (so far) and know I can depend on them to take care of my wellness plan at home and on the go. My favorite Provita NYC trainer and yoga teacher, Julia, has even traveled with me and helped me heal through injuries and surgeries as well as overseen me through a major diet and nutrition change including a cleanse program. Working with Provita has been game changing for my health and my body. I have even hired them to work with my family members, including my 2 children as well as a multitude of my friends and employees. I can honestly say that I am healthier, happier, leaner, more limber, less stressed and calmer because of the caring capable team that Provita provides. I highly recommend them to anyone and everyone.

My love affair with Provita started with the 4-day Montauk Yoga & Surf Retreat.  Not only did I make lasting friendships, it taught me to embrace myself in a profound way.  Even today, I carry the mantra “Be Peipei” with me wherever I go. Over the years, I’ve become a loyalist. What makes Provita special is its people. The founders and the practitioners are some of the sweetest and most caring people I know – people who help others through physical, mental and spiritual transformations. The teachings I’ve received through Danielle, Kris and Julia far transcend the physical. They have made me kinder and gentler, more empathetic and grateful.  It’s truly one of a kind wellness programs!

I was blessed to partake in a Provita retreat in Montauk. It was the best gift to myself after weeks of stressful work and travel. Danielle, Julia and Kris are so warm and welcoming. The authentic energy, practice and nourishment they bring guarantee a holistic experience – empowering, replenishing, invigorating as well as relaxing and spiritual. I also met some amazing good-hearted people. By the end of the retreat, it felt like family. I felt refreshed and rejuvenated as I was surrounded by love and goodness. I went to a few other events and all I have is deep love for the Provita family. Their dedication and genuine love for what they do shine out as they help guide and heal through yoga, fitness, soothing feel-good beats, and overall wellness in a nurturing and fun environment!

Attended an awesome Provita retreat weekend in montauk. The retreat was one of rejuvenation, relaxation, reflection, friendship and fun! Danielle’s classes are always filled with laughter, meditation, heart and light are a delight! She has a way of challenging her students so that we are able to move beyond our perceived limitations. And her touch when assisting poses is purposeful, knowing and soothing.

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