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A wonderful feature written by one of our Provita Yoga Pros LA, Natalie Macam. Find out more on Natalie here!

What are essential oils? Essential oils are pure extracts from plants and are nature’s defense mechanism. They are highly concentrated (50-70 times more powerful than herbs) and work at the cellular level to protect cells. These nutrients penetrate (diffuse into) the cell membranes and fight against threats. During the frigid winter months, there is always the potential for several unique health concerns that are common during this time of year to come about. The inclement weather tends to keep people indoors in crowded areas, where they are more susceptible to sharing viruses and bacteria. The cold, dry air can often lead to dry skin and chapped lips. The shortened winter days with less sunlight can occasionally contribute to a depressed mood.

Here are a list winter essential oils to support your health and vitality through the cold and darker months.

Immune Support

On Guard Protective Blend
– Supports healthy immune function
– Protects against environmental threats

Breathe Respiratory Blend
– Maintains clear airways and breathing
– Supports overall respiratory health
– Helps minimize the effects of seasonal threats

– Maintains healthy immune system
– Protects against environmental and seasonal threats

– Provides immune-enchancing benefits
– Supports healthy digestion and respiratory function
– Excellent source of antioxidants.

– Broad-spectrum activity in promoting winter-time health
– Provides cleansing and purifying effects for the ski

Skin Care
With the cold dry air that is common during this time of year, there is always the potential for dry and/or chapped skin.

Body Warming Moisturizing Oil – Contains Cardamom and Wild Orange essential oils which provide a nice warm feeling on your skin.
– 2 ounce glass jar
– Carrier Oil of your choice (Sesame, coconut etc)
– 6 drops Cardamom essential oil
– 6 drops Wild Orange essential oil
*Combine all ingredients into jar and stir with stirring stick. With all citrus fruits such as Wild Orange, be mindful of exposing skin in sun as citrus oils are photosensitive.

Cure for Wintertime Blues
During the winter months, a decreased amount of sunlight from the shorter days and darker weather can occasionally lead to a glum or depressed mood. There are several essential oils that are often recommended for helping to uplift emotions, reduce stress, and affect moods with energizing and refreshing qualities. Diffuse, rub into your palms and cup your nose and mouth and breathe, or inhale directly from the bottle regularly throughout the day.
– Wild Orange
– Tangerine
– Bergamot
– Frankincense
– Geranium
– Lemon
– Lime
– Ylang Ylang

These are my favorite Winter Diffuser Recipes that promote a positive mood and energized mind and body.

Sunshine Bliss
– 3 drops Wild Orange
– 3 drops Grapefruit
– 2 drops Lemon
– 1 drop Bergamot

Gratitude + Joyful Blend
– 4 drops Bergamot
– 3 drops Wild Orange
– 2 drops Geranium
– 2 drops White Fir

Truth and Abundance Blend
– 2 drops Frankincense
– 2 drops Wild Orange

Natalie Macam is an Essential Oils Educator and Yoga Teacher based in Los Angeles. For more information on essential oils, please visit Natalie’s site at or contact her at

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