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All of nature is patterned. If we look for the patterns as seen in nature, we can gain insight into our own lives. During the winter bears and squirrels prepare cosy dens and sleep for weeks on end, only waking up once in a while to get some food and sunshine.  Animals like chipmunks, groundhogs and bats go into an even deeper slumber where their bodies slow down so much they don’t even wake up until spring.  Knowing food sources diminish for them in the colder temperatures, animals like honeybees, beavers and mice prepare for winter by stockpiling their food, eliminating the need to go out at all in the barren cold. In addition the honeybees also generate heat inside their hive by shaking their muscles. And yet other animals, like many types of birds, amphibians and bugs migrate South, leaving the cold behind altogether.

So what can we learn from this?

We obviously can’t hibernate all winter and leave our jobs and our responsibilities behind. As dreamy as it may sound to sleep nonstop and spend our waking time watching Netflix and eating food delivery, in reality it would get old after a while and it certainly wouldn’t be the healthiest thing for us. We also can’t just uproot our lives and head to Costa Rica or Mexico simply because the weather down there is more suitable to our liking at this time of year. What we can do is adapt these patterns of behavior into our human lives.  We can recognize that winter is a time for us to be inside and go inward. It is a time for introspection, to reflect, to plan for the year ahead, to take IN inspiring material such as books and music and movies so that our own creative juices are replenished. It is a time for us to let our biological clocks and our calendars slow down a bit more, not packing ourselves and our days quite so full of activity. It is a time to nest and clean up/clean out our nests.  The colder weather invites us to cook warm nourishing foods and try new seasonal recipes. And of course, it’s a great time to start an at-home practice-yoga or fitness!

About Danielle Karuna

As a former certified fitness trainer, Danielle has always been interested in movement and the human body’s capabilities. Danielle is an 800+ hour certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher & a Lululemon Ambassador with a goal to share the gift of yoga and wellness with as many people as possible. Provita is the embodiment of this belief in the transformational and healing power of yoga, fitness and wellness.

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